Who we are


The Firm was then known as EE & PARTNERS. EE & PARTNERS was founded by our Ms. TAN HWANG-EE on 21st January 2007. In the month of June 2008, Ms. CHUA AI LING who had known HWANG-EE since their student days at the University of Malaya joined EE & PARTNERS to form LING, EE & PARTNERS.

From its humble beginnings, LING, EE & PARTNERS provided exceptional legal advice and service to their clients for ten (10) years. They then saw a rapid changing and highly competitive business environment which require larger resources to serve clients more efficiently

Their dream came true with the joining of Ms. WONG WAN CHIN and Mr. LOH YEOW KHOON as the new managing partners with effect from 1st May 2017. As a result, WONG & LOH is established. Together with them, the firm currently has eighteen (18) lawyers, forty (40) supporting staffs and four (4) branches in major towns of Penang and one (1) branch in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.​


​To be forefront of legal service with a dedicated team of professionals and staffs providing our clients with the finest quality of service with ethics and integrity.


◇ Achieving wholeness in our services provided to clients
◇ Encouraging teamwork amongst the lawyers and staffs
◇ Committing ourselves in our work and to clients
◇ Identifying and grooming young lawyers for leadership
◇ ​Keeping abreast with legal knowledge and its’ practices
◇ Expanding of size, services and geographical areas


◇ Unity is our strength
◇ Integrity and trustworthy
◇ Gratefulness and appreciativeness
◇ Globalisation
◇ Succession and legacy

Team Image

​​With a team of fully dedicated and committed lawyers and staffs, the Firm is confident in improving and enhancing the standard and quality of services provided to clients. The Firm even has a strategic plan for the future and beyond the island of Penang in years to come.